Dr. Randy Reese - Geriatrician
Reese Family Practice, PC

Randy L. Reese, MD, currently works at his private practice Reese Family Practice, PC in Eugene, Oregon. Dr. Reese is known for his practice in breadth as well as depth. By default, his training and experience have given him not only an expertise in geriatric, family, and emergency medicine; but also a special emphasis on cardiology, critical care medicine and addiction psychology. He began his clinical career in 1980 by purchasing a pair of medical practices which, by nature, had a majority of geriatric patients. Within five years, he was the primary physician and medical director of one of the largest primary care practices in suburban Baltimore. He also was the medical director and principal physician of Bon Secours Extended Care Facility: an in-patient rehabilitation facility for over 100 elderly or injured patients and the Oakview Treatment Center, a 28-day inpatient treatment facility for alcohol and substance abuse patients. In 1985, he merged his practice with the Johns Hopkins cardiology group. It was then that he became the first family practitioner to receive hospital privileges at a Hopkins Hospital. In 1989, the Minirth-Meier Clinic in Dallas recruited him to be the medical director of their family practice division. It was there he learned to really feel and empathize with his psychiatric patients. By 1992, he felt a need to concentrate his efforts on his family. He moved to Cottage Grove, Oregon and put his efforts into emergency medicine. After ten years practicing in various Emergency Departments in western Oregon, he made a full circle and returned to primary care medicine initially in an ambulatory group setting in Veneta and later in a solo setting in Eugene, Oregon.


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